Wine lists

On this page you can compile a wine list for your bar. We have compiled for you current lists of products of main suppliers in your city. For convenience, you can select the category and supplier you are interested in and find out the range of relevant products. Also, if you know in advance what position you are looking for, you may searchit at the top of the page. In the description of the position you can see name of the wine, the company of brand owner, its distributor, country, region and price.

Putting a checkmark in front of the position you need, you add it to the final selection, which will be formed after you enter the name of the wine list and click "save". On page that opens, you will see all the selected positions that you can group as you like, and upload them to an Excel file on your computer or mobile phone. The wine list itself will be saved in your profile and you can edit it at any time, add or remove certain items.