📄 Creating a cocktail

To create a cocktail, click on your nickname in the upper right corner and select "Cocktails" -> "Create", on opened page you will see a creation form. You can choose for your cocktail:

  • Name - type any name for your drink, if it does not contradict the law and morality. Refrain from using foul language in this section, drinks with such names will be deleted.

  • Category - we recommend to structure cocktails into categories, for convenience we've made a choice from well-known and generally accepted categories.

  • Method of preparation - here we've collected all currently accepted cocktail preparation methods. We understand that maybe you make your drinks in a special way, so you can always offer your method to us through the feedback form, and we will add it.

  • Garnish - here you can enter a description of your way of decoration for your cocktail. 

  • Glass - here you may find the most popular dishes. Again, if you did not find the right glass for your cocktail, please offer it to us through the feedback form.

  • Description - here you can tell a story about how you came up with your drink, describe its features or gastronomic comments, recommend a dish or a snack to it.

  • Image - if have a photo of your cocktail, you can add it here, let everyone admire your skill.

  • Ingredients - indicate the ingredients of your cocktail. In total, you can add no more than 10 ingredients, it seemed for us that it should be enough to create a masterpiece. If you did not find the correct ingredient in the list or this is a special ingredient that only you and no one else can do, you can add it through the ingredients creation field and it will appear in the list after you refresh page. Please keep in mind to indicate the quantity and measurement system of your ingredients.

  • Similarity - we can make an approximate assessment of your cocktail from the cocktails that are added to our resource, how often combination of ingredients similar to yours are used .

  • Compatibility - statistically we show how your ingredients fit together.

  • Save - after saving, your cocktail is sent to the general cocktails stream and to your profile, where you can always edit it.