We've took a risk and took responsibility to get together all the representatives of the hospitality industry in one place and take into interests of everyone.

For whom

  • Experienced and beginner bartenders
  • Bar managers and sommeliers
  • Partner companies

About difficulties

If you break down the issues and difficulties faced by industry employees, you can get three main groups

Lack of a unified knowledge base on cocktails, ingredients, tools and technologies.
Bar managers and sommeliers do not have enough information about availability or product balances of the alcohol company, about sales representatives assigned to a particular restaurant or bar.
Bad communications between partner companies, bar managers, brand ambassadors, and marketing representatives due to the lack of single online platform for quick access to each other.

How often do you come across such questions?

How to promote your brand online?

How to reach any representative of bar industry?

Is there an online platform uniting all of bartenders in one place?

About solutions and tools

Master Mixolog

  • The world's only neural network for creating unique cocktails
  • Unified knowledge base of all previously created cocktails and ingredients
  • Convenient interface for thinking through and creating new own cocktails
  • The ability to make cocktails by formulas, search for unique combinations, consolidate authorship


  • Keep your own blog to share information, experience, knowledge
  • Read and comment on colleagues' posts
  • Find interesting information and tools
  • To communicate

Master Bar & Wine Card

  • A single elaborate, fast and easy to use interface for searching products from all suppliers
  • Actual price lists
  • Find interesting information and tools
  • Unload in excel

About plans

In Q3 of 2020, we plan to connect and launch:

20 000

active users


partner countries


chatbots on Facebook, VK, Telegram


mobile applications in App Store and Google Play
Presentation in 1000 restaurants and bars for price of listing in one good bar