cocktail entry for #CocktailLockdown @simonecaporale_@theflavourblaster •
This a super fun (and tasty) playful cocktail 😉

Looking to achieve a floral intensity and winelike finish, I mixed aromatic @piscowaqar with the unbelievable Uchuva Eau de Vie from @472spirits, Yucatán lime and grapefruit juice for acidity and spiced aroma, ending up with wine caramel. Decoration and ultimate fragrance comes from @theflavourblaster Lemongrass Bubble.

Wine caramel is a wine reduction (2 parts sugar, 1 part wine) that’s simmered at medium heat until just before you reach caramel, and the wine is completely reduced, rendering a sugar with intense caramel and wine flavor.

And then, just play!! You can have fun moving the hummingbird to explode the bubble, releasing all the aromas!! (And then you can keep on playing, ignoring everyone else 😂)